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Tetracube by Maxim Durocher & Magic Dream

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    • Availability: Available in 7 - 10 days

    "Tetracube is an ingenious design. Congratulations, Maxim. You have solved a problem I'd always wanted to solve!"
    - Henry HARRIUS

    Tetracube is an instant self solving cube - in the air - that anyone can solve without knowing any algorithms!
    • It does not require any practice It is self working.
    • Instant reset.
    • Durable gimmick.
    • And revolutionary mechanism!
    • As seen on TV shows.
    Brilliantly thought out by Maxim Durocher, a young creator passionate by cube magic from years in collaboration with Magic Dream.

    PRO SAY:

    "Maxim is a creative genius and has transformed Rubik's Cube Magic."
    - Steven Brundage

    "Tetracube is the most visual Rubik's Cube effect on the market! This is the magician's dream effect!"
    - Hanson Chien

    "Tetracube is a brilliant concept, ahead of it's time!"
    - Nicholas Lawrence

    "When the cubes arrived, I couldn't believe how they worked! This is SERIOUSLY clever."
    - Chad Long

    "It's the most visual solving cube l have eve ever seen and the perfect one to close your cubes routine or if you want to use for social medias. Gravity solve is really cool. It's totally fantastic. I love it! Well done Maxim & Magic Dream."
    - Luca Volpe, Breakfast Mentalism.

    "As a magician with a degree in product design, what I really appreciate about Maxim is his dedication to designing a wonderful, creative and well-made Tetracube. There are so many examples of magic products that you know don't have all the bugs worked out or the fabrication is sub-standard. Maxim's Tetracube is well made and well conceived. It is what you expect great magic to be."
    - Chris Pilsworth B.I.D

    • One handed solved
    • On the arm solve
    • Toss Up solve
    • Three color changing cube
    • 6 face shuffle to 6 face solve
    • 6 face shuffle to 6 face white
    • Table solve
    • Couch solve
    • Cube in balloon solve
    • Solve in sealed Tupperware
    • Solve in Ziplock
    • And MANY MORES...
    • Spectator solve cube behind the back solve (improved).
    • Matching cube effect.
    • Cube resolved in 1 second (on the table / on the air).
    • And multiple other possibilities to create your own routines, the only limit will be your imagination!
    Tetracube isn't just a new release... It's a lovely fun toy to play with and a powerful visual magic Trick to perform in real life or on your social medias!