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Orbit Black Hole Playing Cards

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    From the 2017 mind of Joe Feldpausch comes the Black Hole Edition Orbits! Joe and I have been talking about this idea for years but never found a proper way to accomplish what we wanted so we shelved it. 7 years later, we found a way to bring his idea to life and turned it into a polished final product with the help of my other half, the legend himself, Daniel Schneider on the artwork.

    The cards were printed at Cartamundi and have been in pre-production for over a year now. It took a lot for us to get to this point. The hole is the exact dimensions of the inside of our signature Orbit O on the back design. All the card faces are warped around the Black Hole.

    The deck opens the door to new grips, new moves, and a completely new look and feel. We plan on making at least a few more editions of these. This deck is for cardists, magicians, collectors, and space geeks alike. Come see what's inside a black hole.

    Print run: 10,000

    Deck specs:
    • Slimline
    • B9 true linen finish
    • Printed at Cartamundi in Belgium
    2024 - ORBIT®