Moving Points - 4 of Diamonds to 6D

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Moving Points - 4 of Diamonds to 6D

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    The magician asks the audience to select a card. A prediction card is shown to be taped up in an envelope on the wall.
    Unfortunately the prediction was a 4 of diamonds. 
    The magician shakes the card and slowly two of the diamonds morph and split so that there are now six diamonds on the card. The new diamonds travel to their correct spots and the card is shown to be a regular 6 of diamond.
    You can let your audience examine the card after performance(see instructions)
    Comes with a special gimmicked card (Bicycle back, blue or red) and instructional video.
    Recommend for buyers who are accustomed to card force and have basic card skills
    Some Hints to the Performance:
    1. Shake the card often 
    2. Watch the demonstration video and see where Cyril is standing. It would be best performance distance.
    3. This is not a close-up trick. This is why Cyril had the prediction envelope on the wall. You can walk back to your audience after showing the card change.
    Watch how Cyril Takayama performed this trick!