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MIND BUSINESS by John Leung - Libro

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    John Leung is one of the most respected legendary mentalist in China. And he is also a college teacher.

    John have performed over 700 hundred shows over the last ten years.

    The effects in this book are some of the creations from John's working materials,all of them are tested in real performance to real people. John put a lot of work,thinking into these routines. And they get really great reactions from the audience.

    This book is divided into three parts: mind-reading, prediction, playing Cards effects. Each part contains several routines that you will enjoy:
    • Clipic 2.0
    • Clipic 2.0 Plus
    • Bullseye
    • Sticky
    • Hidden power
    • Sealed mind
    • Mindsoup Q&A
    • Pendulum Knows
    • PPS
    • Pickwin
    • Number Bank
    • Hypno Number
    • Esp Match
    • X-file
    • Egg Crusher
    • Easy R&B
    • Perfect Triangle
    • False Memory
    • Card shock
    "A lot of billet routines. Fun!And influenced by Chan Canasta! Nice."
    - Lee Asher

    "I greatly enjoyed John Leung's Mind Business. All methods are practical, sound and clearly well-rounded, while the routines provided leave enough room to make them your own. No fluff, no hyperbole, just solid, real-world material. Recommended!"
    - Timothy Krass

    "Business is a great book for any magician and mentalist. I have been adding a lot of mentalism to my shows and one of my biggest issues is trying to find multiple versions of various effects so that I can always perform what people want to see no matter where I am. This book is filled with classic magic effects but with new and clever methods that you can use anywhere from the street or a restaurant to a formal show. The methods are clear and direct so that you can focus on your performance and interacting with your audience. I enjoyed this book tremendously and can't wait to use some of the material."
    - Mahdi Gilbert

    "Wow, entertaining routines from an outstanding talented mentalist the methods are clever and practical highly recommended!"
    - Bill Cheung