Cold Reading:  the Osterlind Approach by Richard Osterlind - Book

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Cold Reading: the Osterlind Approach by Richard Osterlind - Book

  • Available from Dicember 10th
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    Contact Mind Reading: The Osterlind Approach has become a best seller and many working professionals have proclaimed it the best book on the art. Like that first book in the Advanced Mentalism Training Series, Cold Reading: The Osterlind Approach offers incredible insights into the world of Cold Reading that will make you want to master this art even if you never had a desire before.

    Here is what Richard has to say about his new book:

    "This is not a typical Cold Reading book. Rather than the traditional approach, it is my goal is to create for you a state of perception where you have no conscious thought of, 'I will now do Cold Reading,' but rather, it just happens naturally. Like Contact Mind Reading, I want to make you feel like a real mind reader, with no props and no gimmicks - just you."

    And here is what Millard Longman (creator of Acidus Novus and Acidus Globus) has to say:

    "less than perfect technical skills and still be successful if you can convincingly read your audience. The ability to convincingly read your audience can be your entire act; no tricks, no props, just you and your ability."

    This is a book that will give you a revolutionary new look at the art of Cold Reading and a ground-breaking approach to your performing style. It redefines Cold Reading. Besides giving you the skills to give a convincing reading in three different ways, it takes you one step beyond to a world where you will look at everyone you have contact with in a totally new and wonderful way!