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Celebrity Deck (Marked) by iNFiNiTi

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    Introducing the first deck in the iNFiNiTi Marked Deck Series... Celebrity Deck by iNFiNiTi

    What's cooler than revealing a spectator's playing card?

    Revealing a spectator's playing card AND CELEBRITY.


    A beautifully illustrated and deviously marked deck of 54 celebrity playing cards.

    Each card pipped and indexed - so the Celebrity Deck is also a normal deck.

    Famous females on red cards (Hearts & Diamonds) and males on black cards (Spades & Clubs)... for a killer ' Gender Out Of This World'.

    Modern day and relevant living celebrities only - we've got another deck for the deceased; Dead Famous Deck dedicated to the likes of Elvis, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

    The perfect tool to force a celebrity for your favorite reveals, like Revelation Gum, Magicall, Phantom Artist and COiN Artist.

    • Not ONE, but TWO powerful reveals.
    • Instantly know the celebrity they have picked AND the card suit/value from the back of the card.
    • Huge, glorious, clear markings - devilishly camouflaged.
    • Can be read from up to 3 meters away (average eyesight)

    Bonus cards included:
    • Double backer
    • Double facer
    • Baby gag card
    Bonus routines included:

    No peeking - without looking - have ANY celebrity card picked and returned to a deck shuffled by your spectator - you ALWAYS know the card

    The perfect companion with Magicall: The Fake Call App For Magicians - have any selected celebrity ring your mobile phone completely under control!

    Are you ready to become the celebrity magician?

    Grab your marked Hall of Fame Playing Cards now!