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Rewrapped (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Brandon David and Chris Turchi

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    ReWrapped is the ultimate chewing-gum life-hack!

    Imagine this. You take your old, chewed piece of gum. You stretch it and snap it back into a brand new gum stick. Then, the gum stick visually wraps itself in its original packaging! Now you have a fresh, 100% real gum stick ready for you to re-chew or save for later!

    Devised by the creative duo behind "Envy-Lope" and countless other amazing effects (Brandon David and Chris Turchi), ReWrapped allows you to take a familiar everyday object and perform a mind-bending visual chewing gum restoration! Your spectators will think you've discovered a real-life infinite glitch!
    • Customizable to assorted brands of gum across the world!
    • Detailed instructions with Brandon and Chris
    • Resets in seconds
    • Easy to perform
    • Takes little pocket space
    • Perfect for socials and professional occasions
    • Highly Visual
    Restore your gum again and again and again with this refreshing take on visual gum magic!

    This is ReWrapped, by Brandon David and Chris Turchi!