Bicycle Supreme Line - Mirage deck - red back

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    Here is an evolution of the famous "Svengali" deck, one of the decks that have made the history of magic. The "Mirage" deck was invented more recently than the "Svengali" deck and has considerable advantages over the latter. In fact, the deck can be manipulated easily without showing any force cards. You will be able to make fans, spread the cards from hand to hand, shuffle the cards more genuinenly and even make a "cascade" in perfect safety.

    This is a Mirage deck for true professionals! In fact, with Supreme Line the cards will look more natural compared to traditonal Mirage Decks. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the Supreme Line cards are slightly thinner than traditional Bicycles, it was possible to add further 4 cards thus improoving the natural appearance of the deck.

    The brand new Bicycle Supreme Line are a dream come true for any magician or cardist!

    - Crushed stock.

    - Traditionally cut.

    - No seal.

    - Iconic Rider back card case.

    - Air cushion Finish.

    - Printed by USPCC.

    - Very affordable!

    • The cards are poker size.

    • With this deck are possible an infinite number of miracles of card magic thanks to two principles: the principle of Svengali and Roughing Fluid.