DUALITY Lite by Cobra Magic

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DUALITY Lite by Cobra Magic

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    Would you believe that you can embed a free-thought number into a pre-recorded video, while it is playing?

    YES, with Cobra Magic's Duality Lite on your mobile phone you can do exactly that!

    You show your spectators a video of yourself (or an assistant or an animated character) on your mobile screen, and ask a volunteer to think of any two digit number. Towards the end of your own video, the thought of number suddenly appears - embedded in the video. BOOOOOM!!!
    • The one-time set-up (per video) takes only a few minutes
    • It's always in your pocket, ready to perform
    • The video is totally customizable. Apply your creativity and embellish it with your own style
    • Easy to set up (only 3 taps) - even easier to perform
    Play it BIG You can project the video on a large screen, to generate a great stage attraction.

    Generic Videos The app includes a few ready to perform videos prepared by leading magicians. Just learn the input method (1 minute) and you are ready to perform.