The Radar Principle by Richard Osterlind - Libro

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The Radar Principle by Richard Osterlind - Libro

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    Richard is intent on preserving his legacy. He is in the process of writing a series of books on his creations. Each book will deal with a particular subject that will be explored in detail with the latest thinking applied and a ton of new ideas and perceptions. The first offering is called The Radar Principle.

    Yes, this book deals first with Richard's wonderful Radar Deck, with its complete history and the latest handlings. You will see the rich heritage the effect has! Next, you will see how to make your own Radar Deck and then how to cover every conceivable performing situation you will encounter as well as how to stage the effect for a professional presentation. This is without doubt one of the strongest routines in all mentalism and Richard's performance of the routine from the Mind Mysteries series was one of the first mentalism effects to ever go viral on YouTube. In addition to teaching the standard Radar Deck handling, Richard next goes into variations of the Radar Deck with the Dynamo Deck, presenting the effect as a prediction, etc.

    Next, The Radar Principle itself is explained. You see, it is more than a single effect, but a whole different theory. You will learn how to apply it in other areas of your performances.

    This leads into Richard's Zodiac Revolution. This effect was featured on the No Camera Tricks DVD series and got an incredible reception. The Zodiac Revolution kit has long been off the market, but is now being offered in this book in its re-written version which gives complete details on how to present it and make up the materials. There is no better presentation for the Zodiac effect and with Zodiac Revolution, you can name up to six people's zodiac signs with just a few simple questions. To top it all off, you actually tell one or two of them their exact birth dates! And, this is all without any of them writing down a single thing!

    Following this, the book talks about a technique called "The Lure." You will learn how to take the guesswork out of doing incredible mentalism that appears to give the spectator a free choice. When Richard introduced this principle at the recent Mindvention, the attendees were floored and delighted. It is a revolutionary way of thinking.

    Richard always gives incredible advice for the working performer. The chapter called "Basics" is such a topic. Once you read this, you will think, "Yes, this is the way to do mentalism!" This advice directly takes issue with some of the common flaws seen so often in mentalism performances. This is an incredibly valuable chapter.

    In the final chapter, Richard talks about putting it all together to create advanced mentalism. This is the kind of knowledge that really convinces your audience you can peer into their very minds. It is subtle and devastating.

    Each book in the Legacy Series will feature this kind of in-depth, deluxe mentalism thinking. Without doubt, you will want the whole series. Get this premier volume to start your collection.