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THE BIGGER PICTURE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Radek Hoffman & Chris Jones

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    THE BIGGER PICTURE by Radek Hoffman & Chris Jones - it is a complex system of reading minds with specially printed Polaroid pictures. Using them, you will be able to predict, read or reveal spectator thoughts like never before. The main effect is a multiphase routine with a few mind-blowing kickers. The final reveal is surprising, unique and impossible! The best part of it is a fact that you will never touch spectator's pictures. All the actions needed for it, they will do it by themselves. Incredibly powerful, interactive and visual.

    The most important element of that project is a fact that you will get pictures of the size of real Polaroid pictures! This is a perfect deck for stage and parlour performance.

    You will also learn how to read the minds of two spectators in the most impossible way using pictures. This routine is super clean and very engaging. After this effect, you will look like real mind reader!

    The last routine is a version of the colour divination test. The spectator can freely mix pictures and then you will be able to know which picture is black and white and which is colourful. This is a very elegant and easy to do effect based on a very clever method.

    Inside the box you will find our almost 100 beautifully printed custom-made pictures. High quality photos will stay with you for a long time.

    What you will get?!
    • Almost 100 custom made, gimmicked pictures.
    • 1 hour explanation video.
    • Three complex, completely different routines.
    • Extra ideas.
    Read minds like never before with Bigger Picture!
    • EASY TO DO!

    "This is the best Photo Deck out there, because it genuinely looks like a stack of Polaroids. Also, The Bigger Picture ending is a knockout!"
    - Marc Paul

    "The Bigger picture is the best version out there, the props looks like a real Polaroid photos which makes more sense! Unlike the other versions in market which are terribly printed on playing cards doesn't make sense to audience, even the routines that Radek teaches are highly entertaining very deceptive and it engages the audience! Well done man"
    - Moustapha Berjaoui

    "Love the effect, love the combination of methods, love the props used. Amazing realise!"
    - Nique Tan

    "The Bigger Picture is not just a trick but a full act with a terrific ending that nobody see it coming! A powerful routine that you will love performing"
    - Luca Volpe