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Phoenix by Higar & Hanson Chien - Euro Version

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    "Phoenix is the best bill restoration ever in world history. If you're looking for a trick that comes close to REAL magic, look no further. I believe this is the one." - Hanson Chien

    Take a bill, puncture it, and restore it. Welcome to Phoenix.

    Created by Higar and Hanson Chien, Phoenix is NOT just a magic trick – it's a mind-bending experience. With just a bill in hand, you'll puncture reality and restore it in the blink of an eye.

    Picture this: Hanson, standing before David Copperfield, astounds him with Phoenix. As the performance concludes, Hanson says, "I believe this is the best bill restore ever in history..." and David responds, "The history of the world!"

    Renowned magicians including David Copperfield, Shin Lim, Mat Franco, Anna Deguzman, Patrick Kun, and Dan White have all been stunned by Phoenix. Now, it's your turn to astound the world with your own incredible performances.

    But what truly sets Phoenix apart is its unrivaled realism. The hole? 100% REAL. The restoration? Absolutely FLAWLESS. And with no funny moves, you can hand the bill out to be examined – they won't find ANYTHING.

    Each set of Phoenix includes 32 special materials, suitable for 32 performances. Bills need to be provided separately. This trick can be set up in under 60 seconds, and the prepared bills can be carried with you wherever you go.


    - It is easy to do.

    - There is no switch.

    - The hole is 100% REAL.

    - You can hand out the bill.

    - Works with any sharp items.


    - Running time: 59 mins.

    - HD video shot in Taiwan.

    - Language: Chinese.

    - Subtitles: English, Chinese.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is it consumable? How many materials per set?

    - Yes, each set contains 32 materials for 32 uses.

    2. Can only a pen be used? Or can other items be used too?

    - Any sharp item that pierces bills can be used, not just pens.

    3. Can the pen be inspected? Can the bill also be inspected?

    - Yes, the pen can be inspected, and you can hand out the bill too.

    4. Can bills be borrowed? Or do I need to use my own bills?

    - You can borrow or use your own bills, as explained in the tutorial.

    5. Can I use the method with other bills after learning it?

    - No, it's specific to each bill and cannot be used with others.