Into the Wolf's Mouth by Wayne Slater eBook DOWNLOAD

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Into the Wolf's Mouth by Wayne Slater eBook DOWNLOAD

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    This peculiar and exclusive ebook-training on this specific magic effect is produced by one of the most prestigious and recognized magic houses in the world. It can be viewed immediately after payment making a download on your computer.

    Abandoned at birth, raised in a care home, Gee Valentine learns how to survive the hard way. When fate intervenes and he's befriended by the mysterious owner of a Blackpool magic shop, who teaches him the art of sleight of hand magic. Fast forward 5 years and Gee has become entangled in the murder of 5 magicians. He flees Blackpool in the dead of night.

    He embarks on a journey of self discovery in his 1967 VW Campervan. In an emotional search to find his parents, he encounters friendship, betrayal, love and death.

    Is everyone out to destroy him?

    Is he a pawn in a magicians game of whodunnit?

    Is he destined to always be the lone wolf?

    Note: This is a fictional novel that includes magicians as characters and is written by a professional magician. This is not a magic trick.