Genesis 4 Eisenhower by Johnny Wong

Genesis 4 Eisenhower by Johnny Wong

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    Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 is the latest in coin magic of 2019 and also includes an enhanced version of Perfect Power 3.

    It has many flexible applications and is the most up-to-date, delicate version of 4 in 1 coin magic.

    You can use Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 to perform many kinds of coin magic.

    It can make your zero to four coin magic effects much simpler and more realistic.

    With Johnny Wong's Genesis 4, you will be able to raise your coin magic to the highest level.

    Fans of coin magic, don't miss this top notch coin magic gimmick of the year.

    DVD includes the following demos:

    Perfect Power 4 Coins

    Appear 4 Coins in the Palm

    Unique Appear 4 Coins and Disappear 4 Coins

    Amazing Coins Miracle

    Super 3 Fly

    Idea by Johnny Wong and GINJIRO