Egg Prediction

Egg Prediction

  • Available on 23 August
    • Price in reward points: 65
    • Brands Di Fatta
    • Product Code: DFACC866-23-08
    • Reward Points: 6
    • Availability: Unavailable

    Show an egg, four stands, a hammer and four coffee cups. Ask a spectator to place the egg on any of the stands and turm over the cups to cover all the egg stands, and mix them all up, so that you will know which stand has the egg. Have this done while you are facing the other way or if you like you can go to another room. You enter the room with the hammer and start smashing the cups one by one leaving just one of them. Lift the last cup to reveal the egg!

    • Simple and fun.

    • Everything can be examined by the spectators. The paper coffee cups supplied are enough for one performance, but can be easily found in many stores.

    • The egg, stands and hammer are carefully crafted from wood. The stands have a diameter of 8.9 cm (3,5") and are approximately 2 cm (0,78")  thick. The hammer is 30.5 cm (12") long.