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Butterfly Playing Cards Holo Edition Seconds

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    The Not-So-Perfect Holographic Butterflies

    In September 2022, we ran a Kickstarter campaign for the Butterfly Playing Cards Worker Edition. After making various color editions available, we added one more and a very special deck. The one Butterfly deck everyone seemed to request.

    Butterfly Playing Cards Holo Edition!

    This unique Butterfly deck features a blacked-out design with a black border. The backs and faces use no color. Instead, they are covered with a holographic foil! To complete the whole aesthetic, the cards have matte black gilding. The gilding helps the backs transit to the faces flawlessly and makes the holographic foil stand out.

    So why are these called "Seconds"?

    The first print run was not quite up to our standards. As we always strive to provide the best product, we reprinted them.

    These are a great choice if you want a beautiful holographic deck to play with, practice cardistry, or have fun with.

    We made these easily recognizable from the standard edition. The "Seconds" don't have a seal and have an inverted back design on the back of the tuck box.

    We printed these with WJPC on a thick 330gsm stock to prevent the foil from pushing through the card to the other side.

    Each deck includes a blank face card and a double-backer. Limited edition of 2000 decks.