Bicycle Supreme Line Mental Photography Deck

Bicycle Supreme Line Mental Photography Deck

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    Here is a professional Mental Photography Deck!

    The magician shows a deck of completely blank cards both on their backs and their faces. He thinks of a card, and that card appears among the blank cards (the back of the cards appears too). A moment later he thinks of another card, and now the new though of card is the only one printed in the deck. Now the magician goes further, and thinks of all the cards in the deck. Incredibly, the deck that was clearly shown consisting of only blank cards becomes a fully printed deck (both faces and backs). To finish, the magician clears his mind, and shows that the cards are completely blank again on both sides.

    One of the coolest  trick decks ever!

    This is an improved version of the Mental Photography deck. With the Bicycle Supreme Line cards in fact, the cards are more natural and less "thick" compared to traditional Mental Photography decks. Also, in this version, the corners of all the cards are perfect, as they have been factory cut. 

    • In the instructions provided the routine described above is explained together with a bonus routine (the one that is showed in the video).