Amazing Handkerchief

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Amazing Handkerchief

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    The magician wears a tie ,suddenly the tie turns into a handkerchief from which 3 small  coins come out one by one !

    He places the third coin into the handkerchief.Several seconds later,the coin vanishes!Then  he uses his magic power and the coin appears !Amazing!

    He places the coin into his pocket,throws the handkerchief up for several times , a jumbo  coin  appears from the handkerchief!Then the jumbo coin turns into a piece of paper money! That is fantastic!

    A special handkerchief and online teaching video are included.Dimension Approximately 18" x 18" (45.7cm x 45.7cm)

    Notice:You should prepare all the things that is used in the performance except the  handkerchief.

    If you want to buy the jumbo coin ,please visit:  Jumb Coin to Paper Money