Amazing Arrow Card Set

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Amazing Arrow Card Set

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    It is a packet trick very unique using the picture of the arrow.
    I shows the card picture of a green arrow of four was drawn.
    The arrows pointing all over.
    If you change under the direction of one card …
    Direction of the arrow of the card of all four needs to be the bottom.
    I get up on the table face down card of the arrow one this time.
    However, the card will be back in four again.
    Card green arrow four will cause changes to red all further.
    By the way, the card you put on the table would be the arrow facing what color which direction?
    When you face up card table …
    Picture of green and red facing here and there is’m drawn!

    I will play only a simple card technique.
    It is a clean print card.

    * * What You’ll Get **

    Amazing Arrow Card Set and  instructions video .